Entry Form 2022

I would like to take part in the ABWO weekend from 15 till 18 September 2022.

(Every person needs to complete and send their own booking form).

We have got the same campsite: Pluryn Jan Pieter Heije, Utrechtseweg 316, 6862 BC, Oosterbeek. (Just follow the signs).
We only have permission to use the campsite from 15 till 19 september.
NOTICE : We have no room at this campground for early arrivals!

Civil tents, campers, caravans etc. are not permitted on the campsite

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Before 1 september 2022:

The costs are € 95,- per person.

Payment by Paypal € 100,- to (payment before 1 september 2022).

After 1 september 2022:

The costs are € 120,- per person.

Payment by Paypal € 125,- to

Direct Bank Transfer: BIC-number: ABNANL2A and IBAN-number: NL02ABNA0625539168.

Payments by Paypal to

Included are dinner on Thursday and Friday, BBQ
on Saturday and English breakfast on Sunday. (Event program starts at Thursday).

Participation in this weekend is entirely at one’s own risk. The vehicles must have third-party insurance
and the driver must hold a current drivers licence.

Any person wishing to bring (fire) arms to the event must adhere to the Dutch Law on (fire)arms. The
organisation accepts no responsibility.
Only British vehicles related to WW II may participate.