The 10 ABWO commandments

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An ABWO participant…


  • does not commit theft within the camp
  • and definitely not outside the camp
  • adheres to the traffic regulations within the camp
  • and even more so outside the camp
  • respects his/her fellow ABWO camp participants
  • and equally the inhabitants of/visitors to Oosterbeek and environs
  • might occasionally be a little tipsy within the camp
  • but never totally inebriated (in uniform) outside the camp
  • wears his/her uniform and carries his/her armaments within the camp and during the organised events but (preferably) attends the festivities in Oosterbeek in ‘civvies’.
  • Carrying or transporting of weapons other than at registered events is not permitted

On behalf of the ABWO committee

Dick Timmerman