Household Rules

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To ensure authenticity, our safety and conduct in way that shows respect for the men and women that fought here, we have to impose the following rules:
British vehicles from the ‘40-’45 period are welcome.

Appropriate clothing is not essential but in order to make everything as authentic as we can we ask all participants to wear such clothing as far as possible and allowed. During the historic march all participants must adhere to the prescribed clothing guidelines. The organisation is entitled to exclude from the march any participant who does not abide by these guidelines.
For safety and other reasons the organisation’s rules must be followed and respected at all times.
Participants must respect sites of memorial value. It’s not appropriate to wear a (British) uniform during the memorial service at the Airborne Cemetery.
One must adhere to all the applicable municipal laws, rules and regulations.
Participation in the ABWO weekend is entirely at one’s own risk and the organisation cannot be held responsible for any damage of whatever kind that might occur.
The vehicles must carry Third Party insurance and drivers must hold a current, valid driving licence.
Ask for the guidelines to carry a weapon in Holland…