In 1996 a few “collector” friends took the initiative to organize an ABWO camp. After finding a name, they started working on their first meeting, at that time at Camping “de Bilderberg”
The number of participants grows steadily. Foreigners (mainly UK, Poland and Belgium) account for more than half of the number of participants.

The 55th memorial in 1999 was the breakthrough.
A record in the number of partcipants and legalisation of weapons. The ABWO contributes to the Farewell parade with a tour for the classic military vehicles through the villages of Renkum.

In the meantime, Camping the Bilderberg becomes too small to house the growing number of participants. The newly formed foundation (2001) manages to find a beautiful
new site for their camp of september 2005 on the grounds of the J.P. Heijenstichting.

Although it meant a much more complicated organization, the camp of 2005 has become a new highlight in the ever growing popularity of the historical reenactment. 2014 Has a slightly changed timetable but we have no doubt it will be as succesfull as previous years.

Dick Timmerman
Chairman St. ABWO


Airborne Battle Wheels Oosterbeek was founded in 1996 to keep the vehicles that were used in the Battle of Arnhem “rolling”.

We do this to keep the memory of those who fought and died for our freedom alive. For veterans, their families and certainly the future (younger) generations.

The ABWO foundation enables an annual weekend in September, the “Airborne Battle Wheels Weekend”.
During that weekend we commemorate the Battle of Arnhem with historically correct tours and displays of men, equipment and a variety of vehicles.

Our weekend is an opportunity to show respect to the veterans and stay in mutual contact. At the same time this is a social event for people with a passion for vehicles of World War 2. To share knowledge and pass information in an informal surrounding.

Do you own a historically correct British vehicle of any kind from World War 2 ? Do you know what we mean by “respecting those who fought and died for our freedom” ?
If so: visit our camp site and participate in the events we organize during our annual meeting.

Household Rules

To ensure authenticity, our safety and conduct in way that shows respect for the men and women that fought here, we have to impose the following rules:
British vehicles from the ‘40-’45 period are welcome.

Appropriate clothing is not essential but in order to make everything as authentic as we can we ask all participants to wear such clothing as far as possible and allowed. During the historic march all participants must adhere to the prescribed clothing guidelines. The organisation is entitled to exclude from the march any participant who does not abide by these guidelines.
For safety and other reasons the organisation’s rules must be followed and respected at all times.
Participants must respect sites of memorial value. It’s not appropriate to wear a (British) uniform during the memorial service at the Airborne Cemetery.
One must adhere to all the applicable municipal laws, rules and regulations.
Participation in the ABWO weekend is entirely at one’s own risk and the organisation cannot be held responsible for any damage of whatever kind that might occur.
The vehicles must carry Third Party insurance and drivers must hold a current, valid driving licence.
Ask for the guidelines to carry a weapon in Holland…

The 10 ABWO commandments

An ABWO participant…


  • does not commit theft within the camp
  • and definitely not outside the camp
  • adheres to the traffic regulations within the camp
  • and even more so outside the camp
  • respects his/her fellow ABWO camp participants
  • and equally the inhabitants of/visitors to Oosterbeek and environs
  • might occasionally be a little tipsy within the camp
  • but never totally inebriated (in uniform) outside the camp
  • wears his/her uniform and carries his/her armaments within the camp and during the organised events but (preferably) attends the festivities in Oosterbeek in ‘civvies’.
  • Carrying or transporting of weapons other than at registered events is not permitted

On behalf of the ABWO committee

Dick Timmerman